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      Diamond Realty History

      Jim Damone

      Friendship, loyalty, generosity and love were the guideposts of his life. Blessed are those of us who were touched by his grace and style.
      -Mark Gauthier

      Office History

      We have come full circle from when Jim Damone, (Tina's Dad), offered us the opportunity to come home to Vermont in 1987 and join him and his wife, Martha, in the real estate business and their company, Diamond Realty, which they established a few years earlier.

      As we all know life is unpredictable, and in part due to the sluggish economy of the late 80's and early 90's, the decision was made to close Diamond Realty and join forces with another agency, which he continued to do until he passed away from cancer in 1999.

      We are proud to re-open Diamond Realty with the passion and vision that Jim shared with us and all those that were fortunate enough to have known him

      Mission Statement

      Diamond Realty will fulfill the needs of our clients and customers through the efficient and professional delivery of quality services as Vermont Realtors, with pride and integrity in a straight forward and honest spirit of teamwork.

      Over the many years in this business, what our Clients depend on most is having peace of mind that we are always here to help. Whether to find someone to repair the deck, fix the furnace, answer questions about the community or to check and see if the lights were left on. Always searching to let you know when the perfect home has come available or guide you through the process in the sale of your home. That personal touch, a commodity that the internet, magazines or television, although great tools, cannot provide. That personal interaction that builds friendships and close bonds that grow year after year.

      With living and raising our families in the community we work in, our ties and connections are invaluable assets we offer that cannot be overlooked whether you are searching for a vacation home and the Vermont Lifestyle or for your permanent residency to fulfill a lifelong dream.

      That is the foundation of our business. The confidence and comfort of having a local knowledgeable professional to count on, and a friend that is there for you when you need them. We look forward to many years of building business relationships and more importantly friendships...


      Customer Testimonials

      I've been a client of Roger and Tina for 5 years. In the State of Vermont you need people with not only local knowledge but deep relationships in the community to understand all the issues. If you remain patient, Diamond has the rolodex to find the property you require, solve any potential problems and ensure a smooth purchase process.